A Wealth of New Ideas

  • Does anyone have something to add?

    Ned Davis Research, one of our favorite sources of forecasting says we’re already in what will be a bear market.

  • Altitude Sickness

    In extreme cases moving to great heights quickly may cause severe discomfort which can only be remedied by quickly descending to lower altitudes.

  • Bring me that old book, would you?

    We blew some figurative dust off old tomes in the Monarch archives.

  • Speaking of bubbles…

    The one topic clients, prospects, and the guy who installed my new hot water heater were most interested in exploring this year were our thoughts on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin specifically.

  • DOL Fiduciary Rule

    The Department of Labor is forcing firms to change their practices to resemble what we have always been. We look forward to seeing if tigers can change their stripes.

  • Market Update

    There is a significant percentage of Americans who have been hoping for, if not outright calling for President Trump’s impeachment from day one. With each new scandal, accusation and outrageous fact-free Tweet the chorus grows louder.

  • A Crisis of Faith?

    Has a year of failing to beat our benchmarks as we have in years past caused us to question our worth as managers?

  • At the risk of circumlocution

    A great politician can speak at length without ever saying anything new, a political prodigy can speak at length without ever saying anything at all.

  • I Really Love What You’ve Done With The Place.

    We are biased towards companies whose market position can be described as fortified in much the same way knights and lords protected their lands and subjects over a thousand years ago.

  • A Recent Market Update Letter to Clients Shared

    We don’t worry about the consequences of being correct, we worry about the consequences of being wrong. If we are going to be wrong we intend for that to happen in periods of holding too much cash than owning too much stock.

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